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Web Services :: Support Options

Support for our various Web Services comes in three flavors. Contract, Hourly, and Pre-Paid. Each of these support options is designed to fulfill different purposes which allows us to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. Choosing a support option is easy. The Hourly and Pre-Paid options can be used interchangeably (if wanted) and usually with a Contract option the other two choices are not needed (possibly nor allowed). If you have any questions, whether you are a current customer or not, please contact us.

We warranty our work for the duration of an applications use. If at any time a problem is discovered that is identified as a defect in the original application specification, Archose will correct the problem free of charge. Our policy is that you should not pay for our mistakes.


Maintenance contracts may be struck if you prefer to have long term support agreements in place. Contracts can bring about significant savings on a per hour cost basis and allow you to know exactly where you stand and what you can expect from us. Some options that may be used in a support contract may be as follows:

Anything you can think of could be written into a contract to support your application.


Our Pre-Paid support options are split into two categories. Maintenance and Development. Each of these categories has a separate pricing structure due to their respective service offerings. The idea is to purchase a "bundle" of hours at a discounted price. When you compare the pricing to that of our hourly rate, you can see the savings. Bundles are cumulative and never expire, plus you can use the hours for completely different projects.*

Maintenance Bundles

Maintenance consists of making changes to an existing application usually in a purely aesthetic manner. Depending on how involved your application is, a number of elements may not be controlled by the available web-based control panel. Site design and relatively static content will require traditional editing. To save you the hassle of learning web standards and the various other tools you would need to utilize to make these changes to your application, we have put together reduced pricing bundles in accordance with what we feel is fair for "maintenance" type work. Below is our current pricing structure for Maintenance Bundles, questions are always welcome.

Time Cost Per Hour Bundle Price Savings
5 hours $18 $90 28%
15 hours $16 $240 36%
25 hours $14 $350 44%
Current Rate

Development Bundles

The evolution of an application takes place when existing features are modified or additional features are added to meet new demands. This is the role of development. The same type of development that went into producing your application is required to extend it. An example of additional development might be adding search capabilities, or modifying a checkout process to conform to customer feedback. To promote these types of evolutionary changes, we offer existing customers the ability to purchase development time in bundles at reduced hourly rates See our bundles below, and if you have any questions just contact us.

Time Cost Per Hour Bundle Price Savings
5 hours $28 $140 20%
15 hours $24 $360 31%
25 hours $20 $500 43%
Current Rate


If work is requested that is considered a change or enhancement not included in the original application's specification and none of the other support options have been exercised, the current hourly rate for the appropriate work performed will be used. Any significant modifications will be estimated and provided to you for confirmation before work begins. We recommend using the other support options provided, as they provide considerable cost benefits.

* Restrictions apply. Contact us for current details or refer to the respective category's PDF brochure.