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Web Services

Our web development services span a wide variety of needs. We understand web development is no simply a shopping cart or online business card. Our clients demand functionality from the web and web-based solutions. We deliver cost effective web-based applications which provide real use to your organization. We don't have a "one size fits all" approach; everything we develop is a direct result of consultation with our customers. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll make it a reality.

Take a moment to read our Portfolio to get a feel for how our services will help you.

Becoming an Archose Web Client

Some things to consider when becoming a web client with us.

  1. Write down as much of your concept as possible.
    • What would you like to see?
    • How do you want your application to be different?
    • What existing sites utilize features you'd like to see?
  2. Create a list of possible domain names and see if they are available via the WHOIS database.
  3. Understand that your application will need to be hosted on off-site servers whether with us or elsewhere. Hosting incurs additional ongoing costs to a web application. See our Hosting section for details.
  4. Learn how data security and site identification are important and require an SSL certificate for each domain you wish to use in a secure fashion. See our SSL Certificates section for details.
  5. Contact us as soon as possible and let us answer any questions you might have about bringing your idea to the web.

Development Package Examples

In order to give you a better understanding of the cost associated with developing a custom web application, we have put together some packages with our various services arranged to meet common needs. As a large percentage of our work is custom, your application may take much less, or much more time to develop.

Use Features Initial Cost Ongoing Cost
  • Establish a presence on the web
  • Display information/products to potential buyers
  • Provide a constant point of contact via e-mail, contact forms, contact numbers
  • Custom design
  • 8 hours of design time
  • Basic control panel to make various changes
  • 15 hours of development*
$999 $30/month
  • Establish a store on the web
  • Sell a homogenous product line
  • Extend the means of a current retail outlet
  • Custom design
  • Commerce oriented control panel, customer management, order management, etc.
  • 12 hours of design time
  • 25 hours of development*
  • SSL certificate from Thawte
  • Payment processing via Payflow Link provided by VeriSign
  • One free hour of maintenance every month
$1,999 ~$50/month + $149/year
  • Establish a sales/service outlet on the web
  • Sell various product and services delivered in a custom format
  • Be sole outlet, or greatly extend the means of a retail outlet
  • Provide a completely custom experience for customers
  • Custom design
  • Control panel designed to meet the needs of the available special features
  • 20 hours of design time
  • 50 hours of development*
  • SSL certificate from Thawte
  • Payment processing via Payflow Link provided by VeriSign
  • One free hour of maintenance every month
$2,999 ~$50/month + $149/year
  • Completely custom web application featuring your ideas!
  • Just about anything!

* development time is the time spent creating any custom feature you request.

The Development Process

Developing your web-based solution is a multistep process. We feel our solutions are more fitting when you know about the development process before contacting us. We will briefly outline the steps involved below.

Step 1: Contact

First we need to know who you are! Give us a call, or contact us via e-mail with a brief description of what your looking for. At that time we will assign you on of our dedicated Solutions Architects. This person will forever be your point of contact for just about everything. We feel a one on one relationship is vital to best understanding and serving your needs.

Step 2: Concept Development

During this phase, we will listen to what ideas you have and what you would like to see. We will then present a list of questions to obtain further details. Your responses will determine whether another set of questions are necessary. This process will continue until we have a detailed design for the application. This stage will provide a cost estimate and timeframe.

Step 3: Application Design

Once we know what your application will do, we begin creating "design templates" based on your input and any previous company design elements your supply. Once a design template is completed, you will be contacted and asked to provide feedback. The design process can be lengthy and may require more than one design template and numerous revisions. There are usually no charges for revisions, but multiple template designs may incur additional costs.

Step 4: Development Begins

Upon acceptance of our Software Development Agreement and the Software Development Specification for your project, a deposit will be necessary to begin development. The amount of the deposit is determined by the Project Development Specification. All of these documents will be presented to you upon completion of Step 1. Also, if we are hosting your application, your account will be activated and services such as e-mail accounts will be provided. These services are free of charge until development is complete.

Step 5: Preview

Your application will be developed on our staging servers. At certain points in development we may ask you to preview our work and provide feedback. Nearing completion on a project we will open up your in-progress site to full review. During this process we will make any necessary changes you require. If major changes are requested, additional costs may be incurred. You will be notified in this event.

Step 6: Going Live!

Once you are satisfied your application is complete we will make the necessary preparations to place it on our live servers. If we are not hosting your application, it will be appropriately packaged and sent to you electronically. Once your application is live we will evaluate its performance on last time before turning it loose. We understand custom applications and know that elements may need to change after being put into real use. That is why we offer sixty (60) days of free minor modifications to make sure your application suites your needs.*

Step 7: Maintenance

Many aspects of your application will be modifiable by you, in real-time using a web-based administration area. However, some content and much of the design will need to be maintained by a web professional. If you wish for use to maintain all aspects of your application which you can't maintain yourselves, please take a look at our Support Options. It is important to make changes over the life-span of an application to maintain its efficiency and readiness to evolving information and trends.

* The length of time your application is covered will be outlined in the appropriate Software Development Specification. Also, "minor modifications" are determined at the sole discretion of Archose Systems, LLC. If a change is not considered minor, you will be notified.