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Not all SSL certificates are created equal. Some certificate authorities offer cheap certificates with instant turn around time. While these serve the most basic purpose of SSL security, they do not ensure identity. We recommend Thawte SSL certificates due to the identity checking process Thawte uses. This process allows Thawte to include additional information into your certificate. This allows your customers to see information about your company embedded into the certificate, ensuring their data is being sent to the appropriate party. We offer SSL certificates at reduced prices due to our partnership with Thawte. We will guide you through the process of obtaining a certificate, simply choose the from the available terms below.

128-bit Web Server Certificate Pricing

Period Price Renewal Price
1 Year $189 $149
2 Years $339 $289

Why Use Thawte

Trust used to be all about a handshake...

...and nothing has changed. Although the Internet has shifted the goal-posts, offering an exciting new business platform and a wealth of opportunities, the traditional elements of trust and security remain essential to the success of any business.

What is a SSL Web Server Certificate?

With a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate on your website, any information sent to your web server is encrypted or scrambled, making it impossible to intercept or steal. It also displays the identity of the website owner, and the name of the independent authority who verified that identity, such as Thawte. The Thawte Web Server Certificate connects at 128 bit, 56 bit or 40 bit depending on the client's browser capability.

A SSL Web Server Certificate enables your customers to view the following information:

Why do I need a SSL Web Server Certificate?

Many online transactions fail at the last minute when consumers consider the potential risks of entering their credit card and other personal information, or when it is not clear whether it is safe to download code from your site.

Utilizing Thawte's digital SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 'handshake', based on the leading security protocol on the Internet, you and your customers can rest assured that all online communications are secure while the information is being transmitted.

Securing the transmission of information to your business holds obvious benefits, as does signifying that you are a trustworthy online organization. The tried-and-tested technology of Thawte's SSL Web Server Certificate protects against password and information interception, ensuring that your online relationship with your customers will be one based on trust.

What's in it for me?

It's all about trust -- by utilizing Thawte's SSL Web Server Certificate you are sending a clear signal to your customers. They know that the information they submit will not be intercepted while in transit, and that you are a verified, real-world organization.

Why choose a Thawte Server Certificate?

Thawte's certification practices are of the highest standard. We believe that excellent authentication and verification procedures are absolutely essential in order to ensure trust on the Internet. As a truly international organization in the best sense, Thawte takes great pride in its world-beating solutions.