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Some of our clients projects are listed below with brief highlights about what the core features of each project were. You should think of these descriptions as a reference to the type of work we have performed. A rating will be given for project to denote the amount of complexity involved, high, medium, and low. It should be noted that a large portion of our work is not visible to the public and lies instead, in internal process management applications.

Missy Collins Photography

A photographer in need of a place to showcase her work, Missy came to us with a simple request. She wished to make her photography available in an accessible manner. With assistance from Zenful Creations for design expertise and the flexibility of Gallery, Archose was able to quickly provide a home for Missy's work.

Type: Web
Complexity: High
URL: (inactive)

Dump Democrats, LLC

Dump Democrats, LLC came to us with big ideas and great ambition. They wanted an application which allowed them to express their thoughts in a consistent and self-managed environment. The most exciting feature is the customers ability to dynamically generate personalized Adobe® PDF© files from pre-written letters which they purchase online! Customers can subscribe to get full access to the pre-written letters offered, or purchase them individually. The subscription process is fully automated. The application will notify customers when their subscription is due to expire and allows renewing instantly. Besides the awesome subscription management features, Dump Democrats can publish and manage articles, news snippets, plus an array of other items designed to provide maximum flexibility for application management.

Southern Methodist University - Images

Images is a Mail, Copy, and Print house owned and operated by Southern Methodist University. Setup to mainly service the university, Images was charged with task of taking its business off-campus. The target was the surrounding Dallas businesses. The first step in their initiative was to setup a web presence to make available information about their service offering. After contacting us, we determined that both their new found business initiative and the local campus would benefit from bringing some of their services directly to the web. Not only did we provide a solution for promoting Mail, Print, and Copy services, but we created a online ordering system for them as well. Both on and off campus customers may choose to place orders for any of their core services online. With a corresponding control panel to manage this new revenue stream, Images has made inroads in providing more convenient methods of obtaining their services.

"The web-based system Archose created for our department streamlined our daily operations saving us both time and money. The system made it easy for our customers to submit their jobs online." - Patrick Cullen, Manager, Images
Type: Computer/Network
Complexity: Low


When a company begins losing productivity due to failing technology, it's time to talk to someone who can help. AirServ was that company and we were who they contacted. AirServ was working with dated equipment and needed constant support because of it. They knew they needed to upgrade their computer systems, but weren't looking for anything fancy. We began supporting their current system for a few weeks while learning what it took to run daily operations. After determining their real needs, we delivered systems designed specifically for the task at hand. Shortly after establishing a working relationship, AirServ was in need of our network installation services to provide the high-speed backbone for their new systems. We delivered by installing the necessary wiring, jacks, and equipment as well as researching their various internet connection options available to the new area. The new infrastructure was up and running in no time.

Type: Web
Complexity: Medium

InterCash, LLC

InterCash, Corp. provides a gateway for establishing a bank account accessible via an internationally accepted debit card. InterCash contacted us looking for a better solution to a high maintenance, high cost web application, we took the time to get to know the ins and outs of what they do. Then we quickly put together a solution which would be virtually maintenance free, and all of the periodic application changes could be made by them at their convenience. Because InterCash was budget conscious, we provided their solution in a three step fashion. First the front end solution so their clients could see what was being offered as a replacement to their old application. Second, after the solution was greatly accepted, we implemented features to allow the ease of future scalability, and lastly we put into place the tools necessary for InterCash to manage their new solution in the most cost effective means possible, in-house.

"Archose took the time to really get to know our business. We were extremely pleased at how successful they were at providing a dead-on solution to our needs." - J. Burns Johns, President, InterCash, Corp.
Type: Computer/Network & Hosting/Email
Complexity: Low

Pet Doctor

Pet Doctor enjoys the cost effective nature of having Archose as a technical resource for supporting the computer and network needs of a veterinary office. Also taking advantage of domain specific email and web hosting means Pet Doctor only has one number to call for their technical support needs.

Dalrock Florist

Realizing that florists are always looking for new channels to allow their customers easy access to flower purchases, we approached Dalrock Florist with a strategy to put the power of the web to use for them. We provided a full cycle purchasing process for customers allowing the storage of recipient address information for quick order turn around. Customers appreciated the extra level of commitment Dalrock Florist made to providing a convenient means of viewing their floral selection.