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Web Services :: Hosting

Web applications require what is known as "hosting". What this means is a remote computer, usually in a protected, environmentally controlled building is given the task of serving your web application when users on the internet request it. These hosting environments are established to provide high availability and reduced costs. We can provide hosting for your application. In fact, we highly recommend it. Most web applications require special services to be available on the servers in which they are hosted. Not all hosting providers support these services, much less maintain them. Our servers are setup to run the applications we produce, thus another seamless integration for you.

We will under no circumstance support your application in an environment not approved by Archose technicians. If you wish to attempt hosting your application with a third party, ANY setup or installation requests will be billed at the current development hourly rate.

We highly recommend that you do NOT compare our hosting plan with any other shared hosting plan. This request may sound odd, but it is imperative that you understand the inherent benefits associated with hosting your application on our servers.

Current Rates Savings
$30/month None
$75/quarterly 3rd month half price
$150/semi-annual 6th month FREE!
$300/annually 11th & 12th months FREE!

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